The Transformational Impact of Trust-Centered Leadership®

Trusted leaders today enjoy exceptional power and influence.

Trust has always been vital to leadership, of course. But never more than at present.

Corporate, government, and institutional scandals in the last decade have led to widespread cynicism about those who hold positions of leadership.

This website is dedicated to resources and collaborative dialogue on topics related to Trust-Centered Leadership®.

It expands on basic concepts developed in Dr. Mike Armour's book Leadership and the Power of Trust: Creating a High-Trust, Peak-Performance Organization. First released in 2007, the book was recently republished in a second edition, with expanded data, chapters, and examples.

This new edition is available in hardback, paperback, and ebook versions on Amazon.

Newly Released Second Edition!!
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Published by C-Suite Network and LifeThemes Publishing
216 pages.

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Praise for Leadership and the Power of Trust

Trust is the bedrock of all effective relationships. And the way this book goes deep into what trust is and how to improve it is masterful. The first edition was one of my top three books on leadership. The new material in this second edition makes the book even more valuable.

—Bob McKinnon

Director of Leadership Development, EXIT Realty International

Mike Armour’s second edition of Leadership and the Power of Trust is a must read for any leader hoping to establish a culture of trust and receive their follower’s trust. Through his extensive industry, consulting, and coaching experience, Mike provides proven frameworks and principles to guide leaders at all levels. Enjoy the read, but also keep it handy for ongoing reference.

—Mike Hawkins

Executive coach, award winning author, and president of Alpine Link Corporation

What I like most about Mike’s work is that he lays out practical steps, guidance, and examples based on his experience and from thinking about trust-building at a deeper level than most.

— Ross Smith

Supportability Engineering Leader, Microsoft

With enough power, any individual can accomplish much but no matter how much power they possess, what is accomplished cannot be sustained unless they are also deeply trusted. Mike Armour makes a truly important contribution to understanding successful leadership with this book. Any leader who wants to leave a sustainable legacy should have a well-worn copy of Leadership and the Power of Trust on their bookshelf.

— Ron Holifield

CEO, Strategic Government Resources

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